I'll be a friend;

Art for TopacioMamaril

Ragnarok © Gravity

Illustration © squaffle

Art for Leahpots

Ragnarok © Gravity

Illustration © squaffle

Day —-

An after-hell-week sketch I did.

Hello summer vacation! Please don’t go too soon ><

Pluvio [Squaffle] by Ominoux

Sharing this wonderful art I got from Ominoux! ♡ This was a long time ago and I saw it while browsing through some lovely artworks I received. And I still love it very much ><  she drew Kaeru perfectly in her style and it’s so calming to see him this way. 

Fun Collab with Kyomusha! : )


So it’s you? All the little messages with the symbols, has it been you? ♥

I’m asking the universe why I’ve only seen this now ;;;;A;;; I’m so sorryyy yes that creepy thing that’s been sending you symbols was me ; n ;



hi. that was so long ago and I wish I could’ve talked to you again sooner :(( 


Day —

My draw a day’s been cut off >< cause midterms took most of my time. Ahh, well. ^^; Here’s one I did yesterday.

Day 16

Forgot to upload yesterday ^^;

Day 14

Been skipping some days huhuhu

anyway here’s a go at painting . because what is school priorities? XD